Meet Maureen...Author, Speaker, Wellness consultant & Mama


I am so glad you are here...I mean…there. You know at your computer, smart phone, Ipad or whatever technology you’re using - I am grateful you found me!

If you don’t know, I’m an Author, Speaker & Wellness Consultant (in no particular order), navigating this beautiful- nutty thing called life. My bedrock of operation is WELLNESS.

Over 25 years ago, I was blessed to be a Mama for the first time. Then, I was blessed a total of three times throughout the decades (my goodness that word makes me feel…wise). I thought MamaHood would be the adventure in itself, but then came the curveball of Autism. 

When Autism was thrown into the mix, I had to delve into the worlds of biochemistry, nutrition, therapies, special education, alternative medicines & more! 

Though the awareness of Autism has grown in the world, the number of families who are dealing with the pains of mystery, overbearing finances, and clinical exhaustion, skyrocket. Individuals with Autism do not volunteer for this journey. They are instead drafted into the depths of an altered path filled with uncertainties and enormous barriers. As part of the Autism Community, I strive for treatments, acceptance, and compassion for our children. 

If you are a Parent, you deserve answers…

…and I’m going to get you on that path.

Here are the first steps to take:

1st: You must look past the LABEL and start addressing the BIOLOGY of your child. 

These include: allergies, electrolytes, nutrition, immune dysfunction, environmental toxins, GMO-processed foods, mitochondrial detoxification, genetic mutations, diet and more.

2nd: Most importantly, SEE your CHILD, not the CHALLENGES! 


I have nurtured my child, my family and myself through the phases of heartache, illness, and enlightenment. None were free of charge. Along my path, I wore different "hats" of numerous fields of interest to achieve milestones and healing. The treatments and remedies I explored are "hats" I hang on my  Autism HatRack

My credentials consist of over 18 years experience in the trenches of Autism, auto immune diseases, nutrition, advocacy, alternative therapies, mainstream therapies while creating pathways of healing.

- Most recently, I had to rebuild my own immune system after being exposed to mold and environmental toxins that almost took my life. With God's grace, I am healthy again and armed with strategies and answers.

- I am a published author of books and a webBook covering parenting, wellness and hope.

- I have been an active blogger for the Dallas Morning News .

- I am an Inspirational Speaker sharing stories of hope and healing.

- Manage over 2,000 people- an online community of essential oilers.

- Advocate for our "extra needs" community everyday.

- Helped create Parenting Groups in the DFW area and organized Doctors and Therapists from around the world to enlighten Parents on new remedies for health.

- Host the ReCharge Retreat for Moms aka Mom's PMS (Positive MindSet) Workshop.

If you are a parent in need, start with my FREE Top 10 Steps Autism Action Plan, and reach out to me directly so we can activate a successful pathway for you and your loved ones!   

Together we can HopeDreamBelieve, TODAY!